Inergy Publishing is a world-class team of publishing and media professionals dedicated to helping authors realize their dream. We specialize in books that inspire and change the lives of both the readers and authors themselves.

The World of Publishing has been transformed!

The digital revolution ahs created a myriad of choices for packaging and distributing content. We are accessing and purchasing media in ways we could never have dreamed of.

Music and movies are downloaded and streamed. Television offers hundreds of channels to choose from. Newspapers and magazines are essentially obsolete. Now books are rarely purchased in book stores.

Most importantly, the digital age has democratized book publishing. Today anyone can get their book in print, market and sell directly to the consumer. The challenge is making the best choice for you, your desired outcomes. Here they are:

Self publish. If you have an abundance of time to write, edit, design, and most importantly create and implement a brilliant marketing plan this is an ideal choice. Lack of experience often results in a learning curve in resource expenditures.

Engage a literary agent. A literary agent has the ability to place your book with a publisher who will produce a book for you. However, even after placement with a publisher, marketing remains the domain of the author. Standard royalty rates limit profitability.

Publish in EBook format. This is a very cost-effective approach to getting your book distributed in a digital format. Digital format only accounts for an extremely small percentage of total book sales. More importantly Ebooks do not gain the respect and legitimacy that a traditionally published book maintains.

Independent publishers. Independent publishers provide a wide range of levels of service. At the lower end are “vanity press” publishers who add very little value aside from delivering your words in a printed format. In retain most of the profits but often the books are hardly suitable to be sold.

Some independent publisher will provide higher levels of publishing expertise but your royalty rates continue to suffer. Many independent publishers offer no advance and you will receive standard royalty rates in the 10% range.

Unfortunately most independent publisher also fall short in the same departments where major publishers fail: sales and marketing. Both major and independent publishers often retain rights for alternative formats such as audio and video.

Inergy has responded to the current marketplace needs.

We provide you with the opportunity to have a book published by a team of professionals who will

  • Produces your book according to the highest professional standards.
  • Provide you with a marketing plan designed achieve your goals.
  • Make your life easy by providing solutions to all your needs.