Book: The Best of Luck, Tales from Never Never Land
Author: Wendy Luck

Wendy Luck is a musician and singer.  Her life is filled with humorous, inspiring, and truly fascinating experiences.  As a successful music professional challenged by the impact of the digital revolution Wendy seized the opportunity to expand her product offerings at live performances.

Stories that began as introductions to elements of her performances were transcribed and organized into an entertaining book.  The Best of Luck allowed audiences to take a little bit of Wendy home at the end of a gig.

Equally important for Wendy is the opportunity to express herself in an additional  media format.  The printed word is a more ideal format for communicating concepts, ideas, and  messages than a song or musical composition.

Here’s what Wendy’s book has done for her:

  • Provided an additional product income stream
  • Allows Wendy to touch and inspire others in new ways
  • Helps others find solutions to similar challenges that she faced.