YourMoneyYourLifeBook: Your Life & Your Money, Putting Your Financial House in Order
Author: Scott Feher

Scott Feher grew up in a family that lacked ideal guidelines for managing money.  He realized most people needed a roadmap to take control of a critical aspect of their lives.  Scott realized most people failed because they lacked a simple and proven approach to successfully managing their finances.

Scott needed a vehicle to get his message out to people who were searching for solutions.   This book enabled Scott to gain exposure on television talk shows and print media.

His book is his primary marketing resource.  Every prospective client is offered a complimentary copy of his book that lays out a powerful strategies for harnessing money to achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Here’s what Scott’s book has done for him:

  • Attract and position himself with high-net-worth clients
  • Become a radio talk show and speak locally and nationally
  • Grow his financial practice exponentially