Tingle-EffectBook: The Tingle Effect: Perspectives on Work and Life
Author: Patricia Ziegler

Patricia Ziegler is a senior executive with one of the largest insurance distribution organizations in Canada.   After growing up in a blue-collar environment, Patricia has become one of Canada’s most influential women in business.

Her book was written to inspire women they can achieve their goals by following their most reliable indicator: goose bumps.  Reflecting on her life experience, Patricia informs us that the “tingle effect” affirms and informs us we are living our passion and our mission.

Patricia stories illustrate how life becomes the daring adventure it is supposed to be when we avoid getting distracted from the tingle.  This book is visually stunning and gained recognition as a winner in the prestigious Ben Franklin Award in publishing.

Here’s what Patricia’s book has done for her:

  • Positioned her nationally as advocate for young professional women 
  • Establishes her professional leadership “brand”
  • Created speaking opportunities