Joyfully-ShatteredBook: Joyfully Shattered:  A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality
Author: Rick Sheff, MD

Dr. Rick Sheff is a nationally respected physician.  After his atheist upbringing fail him, he is driven to truth behind the world we see without abandoning rigorous science. 

He finds himself on an inward journey, awakening to the discovery noting needs to change to be in joy in every moment, to be healed, to find our way to our true essence, the essence of everyone and every thing:  love.

Rick demonstrates for all of us that if we have the courage to follow our path wherever it may lead, to allow our preconceived beliefs to be shattered bytruth, we will experience an astounding journey to joy.

Here’s what Rick’s book had done for him:

  • Gained national recognition in media
  • Created opportunities to speak and present workshops
  • Developed personal growth resources