Close-more-salesBook: Close More Sales in Financial Institutions:  12 Keys to Success
Author: Gary Weuve

Gary Weuve is a coach, consultant and trainer.  After years of experience in sales and sales management realized he had a calling to help others grow professionally.  Gary wanted to become and executive coach and trainer.

In order to grow professionally he needed this book to establish himself as an expert.  Close More Sales in Financial Institutions provided Gary with the opportunity to clearly define his approach to sales and became the core resource for helping others.

Gary’s book became an integral component of all of the training and coaching programs he has since implemented.  The core message in Gary’s approach to selling is to first take care of the needs of others and the sales will follow.

Here’s what Gary’s book has done for him:

  • Transition to a new full-time career as an executive coach and trainer
  • Create a brand and selling system
  • Embrace his passion and professional life purpose